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The Original Himiku™ Blocks

The Original Himiku™ Blocks

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Inspired by the Japanese Minimalist design, the Himiku™ Blocks are thoughtfully crafted to stimulate Creative Thinking and Open-Ended Play.

A Different Take On Play, Education and Décor?

Our classy and aesthetic blocks captivate the minds of both adults and children alike.

Engage you or your child with a challenging fun like no other - a colourful test of your cognitive and visual-spatial intelligence, patience as well as hand-eye coordination.

Picture Perfect In Any Setting

Instead of putting them away, put your beautiful stacks up on display and show them off!

Crafted With Love

Our Himiku™ Blocks are unique and no two blocks are identical. Each individual block is handcrafted using sustainably sourced Beech and Pine Wood.  Our Multi-Coloured blocks are delicately painted using beautiful coats of Non-Toxic Water Based Paint 

    Develop children's cognitive & lateral thinking 

    Improve Visual-Spatial Intelligence

    Improve Memory & Mental Clarity

    Why Himiku