Himiku™ Toy Acrobats



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Himiku™ Toy Acrobats

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Himiku Toy Acrobats combine art and engineering into one educational toy.Join the stacking challenge and watch your kids create countless and seemingly impossible combinations as theydevelop their cognitive abilities!

Why you’ll love it:

  • Life-like blocks - These stacking colourful blocks are made with artistic designs that are sure to capture your little one’s attention. 
  • Designed for a lifetime of fun-Himiku Toy Acrobats are beautifully painted with non-toxic water based paint. Each piece is carefully crafted to smoothen out theedges. All the best toensure that it will last for a lifetime of play!
  • Educational toy -Play, learn and grow together just by stacking these blocks! It’s the most entertaining way to improve your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and independent thinking.
  • Versatile play modes- Join forces to create a high pyramid, line them up like dominos or knock them down in a homely bowling game! Either way, Himiku Toy Acrobats will surely be a crowd favorite for both kids and adults. Get ready for countless hours of stacking fun! 

Each package includes one Acro-Ball and Four Wooden Boards.